It is no secret that qualified HVAC and Refrigeration personnel are in desperate shortage. This shortage limits growth or the ability to continue at the current volume. If you understand these statements, we don’t need to re-state them and can offer some effective solutions.

Training delivered in time with the student’s on-the-job growth contributes to long term retention and job performance.

The Problem?

The internet is flooded with flash cards and community college 2-year degree programs. This trend produces unqualified field-level employees.

The internet is also flooded with companies serving 10+ year old training programs not designed or dedicated to these modern NATE Certification training programs. updates all courses annually ( 2022 )

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All Groups are fully supported with Supervisor portals, internal support and Certified Master HVAC Educators (CMHE) guidance.

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Are You New To Nate Certification?

We don’t make certifications easy…we make them PAINLESS

Here Are Quick Registration Links to The NATE HVAC Certificate and Certification Programs

NATE Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5
NATE Support Technician
NATE Ready to Work training

Nate Certifications Offers Modern Training in Three Pathways

Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5)

CHP-5 is the newest NATE offering that solves the traditional 100 and 50 question (150 question total) exams. History has shown that many candidates for HVAC careers resist training and certification because of the many issues such as testing anxiety, (very) long training before testing with minimal to no personal payback or satisfaction in the short term.

The eTech dedicated Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5) training programs are divided into the exact domains and broken into small training snippets that minimize student burnout. The CHP-5 exam consists of five 30-question exams covering particular HVAC industry areas: service, installation, electrical, refrigeration, and fundamentals(domains). Each domain is accompanied by an eTech assessment exam of between 5 and 20 questions. This entire process ensures a high probability of passing the NATE domain exams.

The CHP-5 process is intended to be completed over at LEAST 6-months.

Caution: Most existing training companies have only rebranded (marketing) their traditional NATE training programs for the CHP-5 series, which grossly over-educates students for the CHP-5 series. One purpose of the revised CHP-5 training program is to break down the training segments to lower the dropout rate experienced from the longer-duration training programs.

Read More About The Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5) Course

The CHP-5 exam is composed of 5 individual exams. Study for one exam at a time. Once you pass each exam, continue on to the others.

HVAC Fundamentals

  • Safety
  • Tools
  • Basic construction for installers
  • Basic science and heat transfer
  • The vapor compression cooling cycle
  • Codes and regulations


  • Electrical science fundamentals
  • Schematic diagrams

Comfort and Airflow

  • Comfort
  • Temperature and humidity measurements
  • Air flow
  • Fundamental air balancing


  • Fabricating copper tubing
  • Installing package and split systems
  • Evacuation and charging
  • Duct installation
  • Retrofitting
  • Startup and check out


  • Planned Maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Analyzing cooling and heating difficulties

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The five exams may be purchased one at a time or as a Learning Path. The Learning Path tuition is the best value.

Navigate to the NATE catalog  HERE to review  any of the courses individually.

NATE Ready to Work (RTW)

The NATE ready-to-work exam is an essential training and exam course that provides basic industry knowledge without any in-depth technical understanding. The benefit of this course is that it is quick to learn and provides basic core knowledge for the new hire first experiencing the industry.

NATE provides the opportunity to sit for the exam online without a proctor. The exam can be taken anywhere a reliable internet connection is available. The RTW process is an easy way to determine the suitability of an employee to stick to training commitments and assess low-level technical abilities.

It is commonly advertised that new hires can sit for this exam with little to no training. If an employee is newly hired to the industry, they would have little to no understanding of the issues and concepts presented on the exam. Without training, the candidate could be tempted to study-to-the exam on flash-card types of sites that help to memorize possible questions and a potentially correct answer. This approach is useless for training a new hire or other rookies since there is no retained knowledge.

The eTech ready to Work RTW training programs provide technical training, which can be built upon as the new career advances.

Read More About The Ready to Work RTW Exam and Course Content

The Ready to Work exam is an entry-level certificate exam is designed for technicians who are just entering the HVACR field with little to no formal education or training. It focuses on fundamental job knowledge and skills needed to enter the HVACR workforce.

This exam is only available online and does not require a proctor, so it can be taken from any computer, anywhere, including at home.

Ready to Work Certificate Exam Study and Training

  • Components
  • Component Identification
  • Tools
  • Tool selection
  • Tool identification
  • Measurements/Units
  • Area Volume
  • Using Rulers-Tape Measures
  • Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Safety Procedures
  • Electrical Science
  • Circuit Safety
  • Tool Safety
  • Basic Heat Transfer
  • Sensible/Latent Heat
  • Types of Heat Transfer
  • General Safety
  • Refrigerant Safety
  • Worksite Safety
  • Ladder Safety
  • Driving Safety
  • Protective Clothing

NATE Support Technician

The NATE Support Technician exam is designed for technicians working in the HVAC field for at least six months. The exam content is entry-level topics for those no longer considered new hire apprentices and who have not reached the Certified HVAC Professional level. The exam covers various topics, including air conditioning systems, heating systems, ventilation, and air distribution systems, electrical theory, refrigeration principles, safety practices, and tools and equipment used in the HVAC industry.

Upon completing the training and proctored exam, the Support Technician can move up the ranks and support experienced installers and technicians. The support technician can competently complete scheduled preventative maintenance assignments.

What field experience is needed to sit for the NATE Support Technician exam?

No specific experience is required to sit for the NATE Support Technician exam. However, it is recommended that you have at least 6 to 12 months of experience working in the HVAC field before taking the exam.

Additional study material beyond the NATE Support Technician course is not needed. The NATE Support Technician course aligns with most industry-level certificates.


Read More About The NATE Support Technician Training and Exam

What does the NATE support technician exam cover?

The NATE Support Technician exam covers a variety of topics, including:

·       Air conditioning systems

·       Heating systems

·       Ventilation and air distribution systems

·       Electrical theory

·       Refrigeration principles

·       Safety practices

·       Tools and equipment used in the HVAC industry

The exam is designed to test your knowledge of these topics and to ensure that you are competent in the skills necessary to perform your job as a NATE support technician.


Do you need to build a Certified HVAC technical team quickly?

What if you could hire based on personality and mechanical aptitude? Add reasonably priced NATE HVAC training with a short-term return, and the job performance stands a good chance of quickly excelling.

What if you can allow someone to succeed in a trade that they would not ordinarily consider? We all remember the company that gave us our first shot!

What if you can build job-ready HVAC technical teams in the short-term instead of the scientists that so many training companies envision that takes years?


Do you want to train, certify and prove your worth to employers and customers?

Training systems have advanced. Content has been modernized. Specialty training companies deliver training that helps you to build knowledge to get in the door and advance. Existing technicians benefit from training that delivers fast results on your schedule.

Qualified candidates that have completed the “book work” and are otherwise employable usually enjoy much higher employment rates than those who start from scratch.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a refund policy?

Please refer to the following company-wide refund policy.

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After I register, how long do I have to complete the training, and when can I start?

Please refer to the welcome email that you receive upon registration. After registration and remittance of fees, your welcome letter outlines the next steps. Registrations are processed daily during business hours Monday through Friday, 7 am PST to 4 pm PST-closed all holidays.

All courses and modules are governed by enrollment periods. Please refer to your welcome letter for details about your course.

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Does Nate Certifications guaranty that I will pass the exam?

The short answer is no. Passing the exam depends on all things you. Students must study effectively, ask questions and attempt the certification exam promptly upon completing the study materials. The concepts and modules that the student has completed before scheduling the certification exams contain all the material needed to work through the exams. If you do not pass the exam, please notify the eTech support staff, and you will be referred to one of our instructors for an assessment of your next steps.

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Are there Instructors available to consult with online or in person?

Depending on the nature of your course, you will be assigned an appropriate Instructor from staff level to a Certified Master HVAC/R Educator.

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